How to Install Baby Car Seats?

It is common to find that a majority of the people buy car seats for their little ones so as to ensure their safety while traveling in the car. People consider a lot of options before buying the best baby car seat for their toddlers. However, they tend to ignore the importance of the proper installation in many of the cases.

Safe installation of the child car seat is important, and here’s how you can install baby car seats the right way –

  • Once you have purchased the car seat, position it in the center of the vehicle’s rear seat. It should be seated level against the back and bottom of the seat. There’s a level indicator in few car seats, which will indicate when the seat is at the right level. One important thing to consider when positioning the baby seats on car seats is not to fix it on a seat that has air bag since the airbag’s force could prove fatal to the child in case of an accident. And, it is always advised to use baby seats at the back seats and not front.
  • String the seatbelt through the car seat slots as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Keep your knee on the seat and shove it down as hard as possible, while simultaneously buckling the seat into the vehicle.
  • If the seat is fastened correctly, you should not be able to budge it over an inch in any direction. In few of the older car models, it may be needed to use a locking clip in order to secure the seat in position. Check with you car seat and vehicle specifications to find out if this would be needed in your case.
  • Position your baby in the seat with the restraint system. The newer models feature a five-point harness for the most efficient restraint for a baby. If your vehicle has only three-point harness, get it upgraded to a five-point harness for additional safety.
  • Ensure that all the straps are correctly threaded and that the restraints are not twisted. The straps that need to be fastened around the shoulders of the baby should fit comfortably.

Few Additional Safety Measures

Ensure that there’s a gap of finger’s width between the baby and the strap, and nothing more than that! You also need to ensure that the plastic harness clip that fastens the straps on the shoulders of the baby is at the armpit level of the baby, and not lower than that.

And, that’s about it; this completes the baby seat installation procedure. This is a simple process that does not need any professional assistance. But still, if you are worried you can get professional help. The key is to follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer correctly and carefully. Check the stability of the car seat frequently to ensure that the restraint system does not move from its position on-the-move. Following these simple steps will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your little one.

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